Prices for websites changed widely based on your needs. Contact us and we can get you an initial quote after we learn more about your vision.

On top of building amazing websites, whether you built your website with us or not, we offer a number of services to help your website stay up-to-date, relevant, and accessible. Take a look at the options below and contact us to start a plan.

If we are creating a website together and you join one of our plans we give you a $50 discount on the website, or 5% off, whatever is more.


($807 $750/year)

A full featured package that will support all your website maintenance needs.

20 Hours of Maintenance
Security Updates


($507 $475/year)

A standard package that has everything to grow your web presence.

5 Hours of Maintenance
Security Updates



The basics you need to have your website up and running.

Descriptions of each item:
Hosting ($107) After having completed the website you need to make it available for the world. You can do this by letting us host your website on our servers with our 100% uptime guarantee.
Maintenance Hours ($10/30 minutes) Want to change something on your site? These are so you can get updated without the hassle of wrestling with the technology yourself.
Security Updates ($300) In all things tech - vulnerabilities can show up overnight. With security updates - you can be sure that you're covered from any new hacks that come up.